Up Front

We offer a free consultation with any owner to evaluate the following:
An appropriate rental price for your property in the current market
What needs to be done to put your property into rent ready condition
If any appliances should be added or removed from the property


One of the most difficult and time consuming aspects of owning property is keeping adequate records for tax purposes and your own information. For that reason we:

Maintain accurate and up-to-date records on a state-of-the-art computer system and software that is a leader in the industry.

Make all necessary payments related to the property from building utilities and ordinary maintenance to mortgage payments if desired.

Provide monthly statements detailing income and expenses including copies of all checks drawn on owners accounts.

Prepare year-end statements for simplified tax preparation and 1099 forms as required by law.


Managing Vacancies 

The following minimizes the frequency and length of vacancies by matching the housing needs and financial means of tenants with the appropriate vacancy:

Advertise in local publications as well as multiple housing internet websites to expose available properties to the widest variety of tenants, nationally & internationally. We adhere to all fair housing laws.

Screen all housing applicants using the three major credit bureaus, a thorough check of personal and landlord references, employment verification, and investigation of personal savings and checking accounts.

Due to our large inventory of housing units, we also have access to the largest pool of prospective tenants. In many cases this allows us to have units filled with virtually no lost rent.

Inspect property prior to move out and shortly after move in to record the condition of property. This provides documentation for any repairs made out of security deposit funds.

Sign leases and addendum's that have been proven to provide protection to the property owner.

Managing Occupied Units

We understand the financial and emotional capital that you have invested in your property. We strive to protect your investment by:

Overseeing all maintenance and providing 24 hour emergency services through our computerized paging system.

Periodically inspecting property for necessary maintenance or preventative action. This also allows us to remain abreast of quality of care given the property by tenants.

Retaining independent contractors to attend to all ordinary maintenance and respond quickly to emergencies - both of which reduce the long-term cost to the owner. (If you prefer, we can contact you directly or use contractors with which you already have a relationship.)

Collecting rents in a timely manner and pursuing delinquent tenants with a consistent collection policy.

Taking action on lease violations up to and including legal action.

Screening out unnecessary work orders from tenants.
Maintaining a record of maintenance done on the property with a computerized work order system.